Journal for Reproducibility in Neuroscience

Inaugural Issue

This is the first edition of the Journal for Reproducibility in Neuroscience (JRepNeurosci). We bring two commentaries, one about the issues of reproducibility in general, and another about the behavioral phenotyping of mice. The articles published in this edition replicated the effect of nitric oxide synthase inhibitors in marble-burying behavior, and the role of kinin receptors in reserpine-induced nociception. We also bring a mini-review about the replication of the studies in a model of addiction. As per our policy, the reviewers' comments and authors' responses from the articles and reviews are published as supplement. On behalf of all members of the editorial board, we would like to thank the referees for their insightful and constructive comments, and encouraje our readers to consider JRepNeurosci as venue to publish and discuss their attempts of replications.